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Trying to psych myself up to work on some commissions today after being in a slump. In other news, doing speedpaintings like this usually help, I just also don’t share them half the time.

Heya guys!

Slightly late notice (sorry!), but I’ll be doing a panel at the AAC Matsuri in Manchester tomorrow, from 8pm-10pm for speedpainting. It’s a smaller convention for sure, but if you can stop by, feel free to say hello! I’ll be posting the artwork I complete at this panel afterwords, and it’ll be rather laid back.

Detailed speedpainting of dragon facial anatomy. It was rather interesting figuring this one out. 

Heya guys. Quick announcement.

I’m currently working on building a website and looking to make blog posts about my new life in New Hampshire self studying art. Are there any subjects you’d be interested in? Send an ask!


Canine Hind Leg Studies

First leg started out using this reference, the rest were posed based off the shapes used.

Heya guys, I’m starting up a side blog that’s going to be dedicated mainly to sketches for concept work and reference studies. Included the base structure sketch as well, and deciding if I want to do that with all references from now on. 

Still figuring out how I want my paws to look when drawing, doing this study has already helped out a lot. Expect more to come, though I’m still figuring out what subjects to sketch next.

Tried working on a different style for dragons, something still feels off.

Finally working on the adoptables again, this time a bomber pirate.

Decided it’s time I drew one of my characters for once, done as an example for waist-up commissions. Info to be posted tomorrow.

WIP of a slight redesign of Spectral Reaper Nami. May paint more later when I have the free time.

Used an old sketch, will fix some anatomy errors when I do paint over this.

May be offering commissions off this sometime soon. Also had a story to go along with this character, but may type that up later if anyone is really interested.