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Hello everyone! Just a heads up; I’ll be away for the next two weeks on vacation. I’m also opening up sketch commissions for that time!

$15 for busts
$25 for fullbodies


I’m wanting to draw dragons more than anything else, so there is a slight discount for any dragon character for now!

$10 for busts
$20 for fullbodies

Just send an email to if you’re interested! I’ll be posting these up when I’m back online on the 19th!

Digital warmup with Dragons. Because who doesn’t like dragons.

I think I may try Inktober this year, but I’ll be on vacation for half the month… I’ll just save everything up and post it within the last few days I suppose. At the very least, one drawing each week, though hoping for more.

First full playset commission now complete! This one was fun to work on, and was completed for a friend at my local magic store. I no longer have these, but they did look great in person.

MTG alteration information can be found here for anyone interested.

MTG Alteration commissions are now up! I’ve been practicing these for over a month or two now, and will have more examples set up shortly as current commissions are finished.


$15+ Pop out/ Element Expansion
- Includes pieces that are normally cut off by the borders, helps to make the card pop out.

$25+ Border Expansion
- I paint over the borders surrounding the cards. Land cards start at $15.

$35+ Border Expansion with Textures
- As an expansion of the borderless style, textures will be added to the text boxes to have more impact with the artwork. Can choose from many textures, from cracks and fractures to dripping blood.

$50+ Full Artwork
- The original artwork of the card will be extended to completely cover the card. Can choose between having the title and power/toughness showing on the cards, or having everything covered up.

$60+ Custom Artwork
- Want a completely custom image painted on the card of your choice? Your characters can become a part of the cards you love, and will come to life. This option only costs $35 for images that don’t cover the textbox. I can also draw pre-made images on the cards.

Extras (as of now):
$3+ Liquid Guilding
- For that extra shine

Note: These prices are a guide, prices may vary depending on the card.

I am also looking to sell a Liliana Vess Paintover for $60 that will be scanned later, along with a Jace, The Living Guildpact once it is finished. Can be viewed here. Shipping is included with Lilaina.


1. These alters are all hand-painted using Acrylics, and a mixture of inks and copics. No foils, stickers, or any proxies are used. Each one takes time and effort to make.

2. As of now, I cannot paint on foils. I am currently testing this out on random foils I have collected, but I cannot guarantee the quality of the product as color matching is near impossible.

3. Not currently trading for cards. Right now, I am only accepting money through paypal for these cards.

4. Payment must be paid in full before I can start working on the cards. If for some reason your commission is over $150 in cost, we can discuss a payment plan.

5. Please be specific when describing what it is you want. I’ll work with you to assure that you’ll receive a card you will enjoy, but it makes the process simpler.¬†

6. When ordering, let me know if you’re shipping the cards in, or if I need to buy them at my local store.

7. Shipping costs for these cards start at $4, and will only change if needed. (Outside the continental US, along with bulk orders, depending on the weight of the envelope(s)).

8. If you have questions or are interested in a card, feel free to email me at

9. I can also be contacted through my website at, under “contact info”. As an added note, I will be selling the cards listed above and many more on the site shop after it is opened in the next week

Feel free to request a card in the style of the cards above, but be aware that some of these cards are not tournament legal and would just be for casual play. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at, or drop an ask in my inbox!

I was going to do a master post, but these two just had to be posted on their own. First test for custom alterations, and I regret nothing.

Sadly the second card ripped slightly after painting, will be working to fix that later.

Screenshot of the second image worked on stream, WIP! Will be streaming again in the next day or so to finish this.

First of the commissions finished on stream, an adoptable for a good friend on FA! This one was a lot of fun to paint~

Vancha Marl's Art Stream

Hello everyone! I’m wanting to draw more traditionally, so sketch commissions are now open (along with working on some personal art traditionally)

I’m willing to draw just about anything for these sketches, but will only be sharing sfw images on this blog. If you have a question about something being drawn, send an ask! I’ll answer privately unless requested otherwise (or anon) for these.

If you are interested in a commission, please email me at! I’ll also be posting up commission information within the next day or two for magic cards, so keep an eye out for that!