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Screenshot of the second image worked on stream, WIP! Will be streaming again in the next day or so to finish this.

First of the commissions finished on stream, an adoptable for a good friend on FA! This one was a lot of fun to paint~

Vancha Marl's Art Stream

Hello everyone! I’m wanting to draw more traditionally, so sketch commissions are now open (along with working on some personal art traditionally)

I’m willing to draw just about anything for these sketches, but will only be sharing sfw images on this blog. If you have a question about something being drawn, send an ask! I’ll answer privately unless requested otherwise (or anon) for these.

If you are interested in a commission, please email me at! I’ll also be posting up commission information within the next day or two for magic cards, so keep an eye out for that!

Warmup character sketch done for Moose! This was really fun to work on, and I may offer these as commissions in the nearby future.

Been sick the past few days or I’d have shared these much sooner.

Lately I’ve been practicing working on MTG alterations with a mixture of acrylics, copic markers, and liquid guilding. I’ll be scanning in the bottom three images along with some more to share soon, and I’m hoping to open up online commissions for these alterations in the nearby future as well. Currently I’ve been only working locally along with one or two online exceptions with friends.

Pricing is expected to range from $10-$80 depending on what type of card/what level of customization is wanted. I’m also going to be putting some of these cards up for sale soon.

As a side note, the bottom card was a first attempt at a fully customized card. Hoping to test it out again soon.

Trying to psych myself up to work on some commissions today after being in a slump. In other news, doing speedpaintings like this usually help, I just also don’t share them half the time.

Heya guys!

Slightly late notice (sorry!), but I’ll be doing a panel at the AAC Matsuri in Manchester tomorrow, from 8pm-10pm for speedpainting. It’s a smaller convention for sure, but if you can stop by, feel free to say hello! I’ll be posting the artwork I complete at this panel afterwords, and it’ll be rather laid back.

Detailed speedpainting of dragon facial anatomy. It was rather interesting figuring this one out. 

Heya guys. Quick announcement.

I’m currently working on building a website and looking to make blog posts about my new life in New Hampshire self studying art. Are there any subjects you’d be interested in? Send an ask!